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REVIEW: Make Up For Ever Matte Velvet Skin Foundation

Finding the right foundation has always been a struggle. From finding the right color to match my skin tone, to the right coverage, to keeping my skin matte and oil-free. It’s like a complex formula. Through Influenster, I was able to try the new Make Up For Ever Matte Velvet Skin foundation and I was very surprised by the results.

Make Up For Ever Matte Velvet Skin Foundation

Before this “trial,” I heard a lot of good things about Make Up For Ever products. As you can imagine I was very excited to be selected to test their new foundation before it was released to the public. It definitely felt like I was getting exclusive access. But I was also nervous, especially with whether or not the foundation would match.

But I will get to the actual product review in a little while. Hold on just a little bit longer.

Make Up For Ever Matte Skin Foundation

So what made the new Make Up For Ever Matte Velvet Skin foundation so special?

This foundation promises 24-hour matte coverage that will blend seamlessly with your skin. No caking, no melting, no shine. The main selling point is this foundation is light-weight and breathable while providing full coverage benefits. This foundation comes in 40 diverse shades as well!

The Review

I am VERY PICKY when it comes to my foundations. It really takes a lot for me to say “Wow this foundation is amazing or perfect.” Was I wowed by this foundation? No – being completely honest and candid. But, it did stand up to the test and is a foundation I would consider using again in the future. Maybe as an everyday foundation.


The Make Up For Ever Matte Velvet Skin foundation holds true to its claim of being a matte foundation. I have extremely oily skin and I can usually see my foundation sliding or the oil shining through in no time. I’ve worn this foundation for hours with minimal touchups and without using a setting powder of any kind. I also didn’t get that weird sliding feeling that happens when your makeup starts to melt (Sidenote: I tested this foundation in the middle of a very hot Texas summer).


I applied the Make Up For Ever Matte Velvet Skin foundation using a dry beauty blender. After applying, my skin didn’t feel like I applied everything. It is very lightweight, even if you apply a bit more (for those who like building up to a really full coverage).

Buildable Coverage

I wouldn’t call this full coverage. But it is definetely buildable – which isn’t a bad thing to me. I would much rather build up my foundation to the level coverage that I want or need. Once you get to the level of coverage that you want, it is amazing. I built it up just a little because I was having a bad skin day and had a few marks I needed to cover. Even after adding more coverage, the foundatioon did not lose its breathability or start to feel heavy.


I received the Make Up For Ever Matte Velvet Skin Foundation in the Almond color, number Y415. I was very nervous the first time applied it. It was much lighter than my skin tone. But, within a few minutes it oxidized and was a very close match (closer than I thought it would be). I am curious if the next shade up would have been a better match for me, but this one is definitely usable….as long as I stay out of the sun and don’t get a tan.

My Thoughts: #NewGenerationMatte

This is a good foundation and holds true to its claims. I was very surprised that the color matched me so well since I usually have a hard time finding an exact match without mixing more than one foundation. As someone who deals with oily skin, I love how breathable and mattifying this foundation is. The next time I need a new foundation for everyday wear, this will definitely be on my list of potential foundations to buy.

I created a short timelapse of my application of the Make Up For Ever Matte Velvet Skin Foundation. Enjoy!

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I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience. Don’t forget to read a few of my other product reviews.

Have you tried the Make Up For Ever Matte Velvet Skin Foundation?

Sincerely, Ash

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