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REVIEW: Fountain of Truth Beauty Products

I always love a chance to try new products, especially the new luxury anti-aging beauty line, Fountain of Truth. Don’t get me wrong, I am young and have quite a few years ahead of me. But, I am not afraid to slow down the aging process if given the chance. I received complimentary products from Influenster for testing and review purposes, and I was not disappointed.

What is the Fountain of Truth?

Fountain of Truth is an anti-aging beauty line created by Giuliana Rancic. It is a clean beauty line utilizing advanced skincare technology with cutting-edge ingredients from across the globe. The packaging alone gives luxurious vibes with an all-white design and rose gold accents.

Fountain of Truth

The packaging alone piqued my interest, but the principles of the company aligned with what I look for in beauty products. The Fountain of Truth beauty product line started as a passion project for Giuliana. All products are clean, safe and cruelty-free. A portion of all proceeds also goes towards breast cancer research and granting wishes to women going through treatment. This line offers a variety of products including masks, cleansing balms, moisturizers, and creams.

The Truth Insta-Facelift Elixir

The Truth Insta-Facelift Elixir by Fountain of Truth is light-weight and botanically charged to help your skin fight visible signs of aging. This elixir contains Spilanthes Acmella Flower Extract, Black Cumin Seed Oil, essential fatty acids, vitamins, and amino acids. During clinical testing, 97% of participants showed improvement in the appearance of crow’s feet fine lines and wrinkles after 24 hours. I don’t have any wrinkles, but I do have a few lines around my eyes that may be up to the test.

The Truth Insta-Facelift Elixir

Honey Glow Mask

The Honey Glow Mask by Fountain of Truth is meant to enhance and hydrate skin for a dewy youthful appearance. This mask also comes with a small glass applicator. This mask includes a blend of Certified Organic Honey, Propolis Extract, and Amino-Acid Rich Royal Jelly Extract. During clinical testing, 81% of participants showed improvement in skin radiance and brightness after 6 weeks of use. My skin has a tendency to look dull, especially with the variations in Texas weather.

Honey Glow Mask

The consistency of this mask is exactly like honey. It is best to use an applicator just to make things easier and a bit less messy. Once applied, you can feel the mask warming up instantly. I left the mask on for about 15 mins then removed with warm water and a washcloth. My skin was very glowly and soft after! I will say, anyone with oily skin should use this mask sparingly. Maybe after continued use, your skin will get used to the extra nutrients and moisture. But my skin was a bit oily within an hour after removing the mask. On the other hand, it did even out a bit of discoloration I had been having in one use.

Dream Cream Overnight Repair Mask

The Dream Cream Overnight Repair Mask by Fountain of Truth works while you sleep. It claims to replenish moisture while allowing the skin to look fuller, smoother and brighter. During clinical testing, 87% of participants agreed the appearance of their skin texture improved after 6 weeks of use.

Dream Cream Overnight Repair

I would consider this more of a night cream then a night mask. It is a thicker moisturizer that leaves a slight residue. The instructions say to apply a generous amount on the face and neck, and I may have gone a little overboard the first time around. The one thing I love about this product and all the products in the Fountain of Truth line is the lack of that chemical smell. Nor does it have a strong fragrance. The next morning I did a pillow check just to see if there was a face mark from the cream, and to my surprise, there wasn’t. Even when I touched my face, the residue that was there after applying was gone. I had a few pimples appear that wasn’t there the day before, but I am going to take that as the “mask” drawing out any impurities in my skin. Especially with this being such a natural formula, I am sure it is something my skin would need to adjust to over time.

What’s Influenster?

Influenster is a free program that connects brands with customers. You create a personalized profile that asks you questions about your interest, your lifestyle, hair type, skin type, etc. Your profile will determine if you are a good match for certain products. For example, if you are a mother, you will have a higher chance of receiving baby products.

Influenster gives users the chance to test and review products. So Influenster sends you goodies (if you are a match) and then you will have to leave a review or complete other tasks to unlock a badge. The more you do and interact, the more likely you will receive more boxes. Your social media network also plays an important role. The more networks you’re involved in and the more followers you have on each network, the higher your impact score will be.

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I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience. Don’t forget to read a few of my other product reviews.

Sincerely, Ash

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