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My Favorite DevaCurl Products

In March 2017, I received my first DevaCut and I’ve been in love ever since. My obsession with the cut, styling and how well my hair behaved with the products lead me to try more DevaCurl products.

As someone with super curly natural hair, it’s hard to find products that my hair will genuinely cooperate with. But, I have fallen in love with these Devacurl products and my hair seems to love them back.

Devacurl Buildup Blaster

Devacurl Buildup Blaster
Once a week, I use the Devacurl Buildup Blaster as a clarifying wash before doing any deep conditioning treatments. I consider it a fresh start for my hair to start the week. It removes product buildup and really deep cleans my hair without being overly harsh or drying. Compared to other clarifying shampoos, the DevaCurl Buildup Blaster makes my hair feel squeaky clean without that weird rubbery feeling.You know, that feeling like your hair is going to snap in half because all the nutrients and oils were stripped from your hair.

DevaCurl Deep Sea Repair

Devacurl Deep Sea Repair
As a former flat-iron addict (with occasional relapses) and bleached/dyed hair, finding a treatment to keep my hair healthy has always been a challenge. One that actually works. And I found that with the DevaCurl Deep Sea Repair treatment.  I use this product once a month, to keep my curls healthy. It’s a great pick me up after continuous styling or if you break your year long no heat challenge (guilty). This treatment does include protein, so use sparingly if you are sensitive to protein treatments. I’m protein sensitive, that’s why I use it once a month and not as my regular treatment.

DevaCurl Melt Into Moisture

Devacurl Melt Into Moisture
This is one of the newest additions to my collection of DevaCurl products. I straightened my hair for the new year and my birthday, and my hair needed some TLC. The DevaCurl Melt Into Moisture deep conditioning treatment is a great way to add moisture back into your hair when it is feeling a bit dry. This product is heavy (if you’re not expecting it), but it really is a butter. A super moisturizing butter that melts into in your hair. Did I mention it smells amazing?

BONUS TIP: Mix the Deep Sea Repair and Melt Into Moisture together for a really hydrating treatment.

DevaCurl SuperCream

Devacurl Coconut Supercream
Hands down, the best styling cream. The DevaCurl SuperCream is really light-weight – say goodbye to weighed down curls. It has a light coconut smell, which is more than enough for me. (Fun fact: I’m not a fan of overly coconut fragrances). This product does have a few oils in it (mainly coconut oil), but it doesn’t give my hair that greasy feeling like other oil infused products. I wish this product came in a bigger bottle, I feel like a run through it in no time. But I guess that comes with the territory when your hair is as thick as mine.

DevaCurl Mist-er Right

Devacurl Mist-er Right Spray
This is my holy grail product for next day hair. With the DevaCurl Mist-er Right, I can extend the life of my wash & go by a few days. I consider this water on steroids. It rehydrates my hair in the morning without making it sticky, hard or frizzy. I get hydrated curls. Just wake up, take down the pineapple and mist away. I may add some cream or gel if there are any stubborn curls, but I can usually get away with just using this spray. I also appreciate that the spray is a literal mist. So better coverage for my hair versus wasting all the product in one spot.

These are DevaCurl products that work for me. Try them out and let me know how it works for you! I DID NOT receive any compensation for this post. These DevaCurl products are a part of my regular hair routine. I know how hard it can be for curly gals, like myself, to find products that work for our hair. Our curls are so unique and react differently to different brands and products.

For the gals that have hair on the curlier end of the spectrum, there is hope with DevaCurl products. Trust me, my hair is stubborn and very picky. My only trick would be to remember that water is your friend when using DevaCurl products. Their products are water soluble, so it reacts in a positive way to water (i.e. giving you more definition) and also reduces the amount of product buildup.

Comment below to tell me your favorite DevaCurl products or any tips you may have!

Sincerely, Ash

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