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Summer Protective Style: Faux Locs

This summer I decided to give my curls a much-needed break and get a protective style. After two months of contemplating, I finally decided to test out faux locs.

Why Faux Locs?

Deciding to get faux locs was a major decision for me. I had no idea if it would look good on me, at all. Honestly, I was nervous. But, I wanted something other than braids or twist this time around. So, I started searching through Instagram to find someone locally.

I like using Instagram to find hair stylist because I get to see their work before hand. During the summer of 2016, I found a stylist to do Poetic Justice style braids while I was in South Florida. Don’t sleep on Instagram! It is a great way to find and connect with local businesses, especially for beauty related services.

After a few weeks of searching, I finally found a stylist that would be able to create the look that I wanted. After a quick DM exchange, my appointment was set, and I was one step closer to getting faux locs.

Faux Locs vs. Goddess Locs

Before I really get into the details of my experience, I think I should take a quick moment to explain the difference between faux locs and goddess locs. It took me a little while to understand the difference as I was searching for the right stylist.

It is very important to make sure you have a clear understanding of terminology before approaching a stylist…or you could end up with the wrong hairstyle!

….Trust me. It will save you from a bad hair day or disaster.

Faux Locs

Faux locs is a style that includes wrapping synthetic hair, human hair or yarn around your hair. Depending on how you take care of it and the quality of the style, it can last up to three months. The ends of faux locs are usually “blunt,” leaving that rounded look.

Goddess Locs

Goddess locs, on the other hand, uses human hair to wrap your hair and create the loc. Goddess locs typically have a more free-flowing or “curly” end. You can achieve the same look with synthetic hair (like mine), but goddess locs have an overall more wavy and flowy look to the style.

Before the Appointment

Being a naturalista, I don’t make hair appointments often…or at all for that matter. So, I’ve made a good habit with asking the stylist if there is anything I should do to prep my hair for the appointment. I usually ask out of courtesy because I know how thick and wild my hair can be, but the stylist will appreciate it as well (especially if it is your first time working with that stylist). Prepping your hair the right way before the appointment will make everything go by so much faster! It might require some extra effort on your end, but remember that the stylist works by appointments, so their time is valuable as well.

Before my appointment, I did a clarifying wash to make sure my hair and scalp were squeaky clean. Then, I deep conditioned and detangled my hair. The detangling process was the hardest because I wanted to make my hair as tangle-free as possible. After, I divided my hair into medium sized sections and braided each section. I then let my hair air dry in the braids. The braids would essentially stretch my hair and prevent it from shrinking and/or getting tangled. Best part, this process required no heat!

Unlike other protective styles, faux locs don’t require blow-drying your hair to achieve the style. Just stretch your hair a little to make it manageable, but your natural texture is ideal!

How to Take Care of Faux Locs

Even though faux locs are a low maintenance style; they still need a little love and care.


Every morning, spray your natural hair and scalp with water and a moisturizing spray. This ensures your hair and scalp stays hydrated throughout the style. Then use a very light oil – like grapeseed or jojoba oil – and rub that into your scalp. A light oil can be used on a daily basis and won’t build up as quickly. If you suffer from dry scalp (like me), oiling your scalp will be essential to keeping your dry scalp under control.

Before bed, gather the locs into a high bun and cover with a satin cap. I don’t use a hair-tie or anything to secure the locs while they are in the satin cap because keeping them loose makes it more comfortable to sleep.


Every week, use a warm wash washcloth and shampoo to gently (emphasis on gently) scrub your scalp. You don’t want to drench your hair with product and water (locs take a VERY long time to dry), but you want to clean your scalp. I also use a light wrapping lotion/foam to add some moisture to the locs and keep them smelling amazing!

The hair tends to get frizzy after a while due to sleeping and general wear and tear. To keep the frizziness at bay, you can trim the fly-aways to keep the style looking neat for a longer time. But don’t be afraid to embrace the “messiness” of this look. It will make the locs look softer and more natural.

Before getting this hairstyle, I scoured the internet for help on the different types, how to take care of it and how to keep my hair healthy underneath. Content was SCARCE. I read as many articles as I could and watched Youtube videos, but they were all giving very BASIC tips. They didn’t get into the nitty gritty of this type of protective style. Faux Locs fall into the “low maintenance” category but as a newbie to the hairstyle (and the protective style world), I didn’t feel like I was getting the help that I needed. Thankfully I am a part of a natural/curly hair group chat, so I turned to others that have had the style before.

And so this post was born.

I am beyond happy with this protective style and have received a lot of compliments so far! Don’t be afraid to embrace this style. I dressed up my faux locs by adding gold clips and wrapping a few locs .It is low maintenance – which saves me a ton of time getting ready. It is also very versatile – there are many hairstyle options to try depending on how you feel or the occasion.

Have you had faux locs before? Comment below to tell me about your experience!

Sincerely, Ash

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