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DevaCut + Video Reaction

After a year and a half, I was in desperate need of a haircut. My hair grows in a very [insert any adjective for uneven, wild, crazy, and all over the place] way. I had really long pieces the front, while the back was inches shorter. When I got an email inviting me to get a DevaCut during a DevaCurl hair expo at the AMCO World Fair, I did everything but turn this offer down. 

This wasn’t my first time getting a Devacut or using DevaCurl products. My last cut was over a year and a half ago with a stylist in Tampa, FL (if you’re in Tampa and need a haircut, I highly recommend Adriana). With so much growth, my hair desperately needed a new shape and some professional care.

What’s the AMCO World Fair? 

The Armstrong McCall World Fair was hosted in Austin, Texas on September 9th, 2018 and September 10th, 2018. The AMCO World Fair hosted dozens, maybe hundreds of leaders in the hair care industry including Paul Mitchell, Joico, Matrix and DevaCurl (of course). The Austin Convention Center was filled with hair care professionals and stylists testing new products and learning new techniques.

The DevaCut

A DevaCut is a cut specifically tailored to those with wavy, curly, or super curly hair. No matter what your hair texture is, this cut is meant to highlight your natural curl pattern. The cut is done on dry hair with minimal product and styling. Unlike a traditional cut, the Devacut happens before washing or styling your hair. The stylist wants to see your hair in its natural state and where your curls fall naturally. The stylist uses your natural curl pattern and your ideal hair “shape” to give you the perfect DevaCut.

Before the DevaCut

The Details

My stylist for the Devacut was Jessica, a stylist at the Soho Devachan Salon in NYC. Jessica was the sweetest person and absolutely amazing. She made me feel really comfortable and walked me through all the steps. She also had an amazing team with her (special shoutout to Nikki!).

After the cut, they used a mixture of the Buildup Buster and No Poo Decadence Shampoo to cleanse my hair. Then, they conditioned my hair with a mixture of the One Condition Decadence and Heaven in Hair Deep Conditioner. I thought it was really interesting that they mixed the products together versus using them in individual steps. But it’s the same benefits without the extra work. And, all DevaCurl products work really well with each other!

To style, only one product was used in my hair. Yes, you read that correctly ONE product. For how thick my hair is, and how many products I used in my regular styling routine there was no way ONE product could give my hair so much definition and hold. The magical product is the DevaCurl Super Stretch. After applying the products, I sat under a hair dryer for about 20 mins and then used a diffuser to make sure my hair was fully dried. Drying my hair took about 30 to 40 mins total. The final product speaks for itself.

After the DevaCut

I’m still in shock looking at the before and after photos. Looking at the before pictures, I cannot believe how uneven my hair was. Especially comparing the front and the back sections. With this being my second DevaCut, it is definitely something I should get more often – every 6 months instead of waiting a year and a half later.

DevaCut Reaction

Have you ever had a Devacut? Would you get one in the future?

Sincerely, Ash

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