Website, Blogging? Why?! 

First, a new Twitter account. Then, a new Instagram account popped up. Followed by the mysterious link on all my social media accounts.

My mom asked me if I was hacked…

No Mom, but thank you for caring about the well-being of my social media accounts.

I was slowly building something. And then the questions started…

“Ashley, what are you up to?”

Well, Here It Is…

You’re  looking at it. Assuming you’ve taken some time to peruse around a bit. And if you haven’t, please do! This website, this blog, and all associated social networks. My baby that I get to call my own. That I’ve loved from the moment I’ve started working on it. Sounds a little crazy, but if you have a project, hobby, or job that you’re passionate about you will know EXACTLY where I’m coming from.

Why This? Why Now?

This wasn’t an overnight decision. This was months in the making, but I never felt like I was really ready. I wanted to create a website to be me and share my thoughts. Share any tips I’ve learned along the way. To share what I know with others. A blog that was literally about life and everything that comes with it. I decided it was finally time for me to take the plunge. To finally create a website and blog. For those that know me, the name of this blog may not come as a surprise. It has been my online name for years. For a website that is an extension of me, the name felt right. It felt sincere.

This is not your typical lifestyle blog.

Ultimately, I wanted to do this right. Time and time again, I see bloggers trying to fit a specific niche or “following all the rules” to gain more traffic – simply, money hungry. Or, they don’t spend time working on the small details. They just start pushing content to no audience, without a solid base (website) and with no real plan. I didn’t want that.

I didn’t want to be that person…

I will not be that person.


Yes. I initially cringed at the thought of blogging. It can be scary. Having people read your thoughts. Judging your every word.

Judge away. Just be sure to leave a comment and tell me what you think (if you’re so inclined).

I needed an outlet. One that isn’t restricted by a character count or by a status quo. A channel I could call my own. Where every thought would be in its truest and most sincere form.

So take a look around, read, comment, share.

Photo Credit: Morgan Williams

Sincerely, Ash

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